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Survey: British Columbians' support for climate change policies goes beyond Earth Day (PDF)

20 April 2012

VICTORIA – While people all over the planet are getting set to celebrate Earth Day this Sunday, a recent Ipsos Reid survey shows that British Columbians’ support for climate change policies goes beyond one awareness day a year. According to the survey, British Columbians are in favour of the provincial government playing an active role in fighting climate change and growing the clean-tech sector in BC.

Eight-in-ten (80%) British Columbians support the provincial government and public organizations leading by example by reducing their energy costs and carbon emissions while 72% believe the government should continue to take an active role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change.

In addition to supporting the provincial government’s leadership in climate change mitigation, eight-in-ten (79%) residents believe the BC government should be working to stimulate jobs and investment in the clean-tech sector and seven-in-ten (70%) are in favor of the government providing business with incentives to grow BC’s clean technology sector.

67% of British Columbians support incentives to industry to lower their greenhouse gas emissions, according to the survey.

63% of British Columbians believe steps should be taken to make BC one of the greenest jurisdictions in the world.

Over half (55%) of British Columbians believe government buildings in BC, including schools and hospitals, should be required to be carbon neutral, while 25% “don’t know.”

Despite the overall public support for the provincial government’s commitment to a low carbon economy, the survey shows that there is some confusion regarding how offsets can be a tool to combat climate change. Only one-third (32%) of British Columbians are either very familiar or somewhat familiar with carbon offsets.

Pacific Carbon Trust welcomes the feedback from this survey and looks forward to forging a closer relationship with British Columbians to foster a better understanding of the low carbon economy and their role in it.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Pacific Carbon Trust, a provincial Crown corporation established to deliver BC-based offsets to help clients reduce their carbon footprint, and to drive the growth of BC’s low-carbon economy. For more information or to be added to our industry interest list, visit

For full tabular results on the Ipsos Reid poll, please visit

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