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Pacific Carbon Trust Delivers First Carbon Offsets (PDF)

21 July 2009 | Ministry of Environment

VICTORIA – The Pacific Carbon Trust delivered its first 34,370 tonnes of emission offsets to government through its investments in new energy technologies, Minister of State for Climate Action John Yap announced today.

“The Pacific Carbon Trust is delivering on its promise to source, acquire and retire quality B.C.-based greenhouse gas offsets, and the first delivery of these offsets to the Province represents a major milestone for the organization,” said Yap. “In its first year of operations, the Crown Corporation has fostered the development of a quality offset industry, creating a cleaner, greener British Columbia.”

The Pacific Carbon Trust has agreed to acquire offsets from 15 facilities in B.C. to date, including more than 300,000 emission offsets over five years from Offsetters Clean Technology Inc. The agreement with Offsetters covers five projects in the Lower Mainland, including four greenhouses and a cement plant.

The Pacific Carbon Trust has also acquired 11,000 emission offsets over the next three years under an agreement with Sempa Power Systems Ltd., which has installed hybrid heating systems in 10 hotels, staff residences and care home facilities in Vancouver, Revelstoke, Sun Peaks and Whistler. These hybrid heating systems lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and cut energy consumption. The patent-pending technology automatically determines the best time to switch between fossil-fuel based energy and electricity in a 24-hour cycle.

“Sempa’s Hybrid Heating demonstrates that existing facilities can make their buildings smarter about how they use energy, reducing emissions and saving money at the same time,” said Ron Dizy, president and CEO of Sempa Power Systems. “We are delighted that our agreement with Pacific Carbon Trust helps to open opportunities in B.C. to promote this smart building technology.”

Offsets purchased by the Pacific Carbon Trust must be generated by B.C.-based activities that demonstrate real GHG emission reductions, or removals that would not have occurred without the revenue from the purchases. Every offset project includes independent third party verification of its emission reductions, consistent with the ISO 14064-3 standard.

The Pacific Carbon Trust has the goal to purchase over 700,000 tonnes of offsets annually by 2011. This level of activity supports a low-carbon economy for B.C. and helps the Province meet its goal of achieving carbon neutrality. The Pacific Carbon Trust tracks all retired offsets on its website to help ensure accountability and transparency.

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