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Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative Earns Double Honours

8 February 2012


COAC receives the Technology Provider of the Year award

A first-of-its-kind program by an innovative Pacific Carbon Trust supplier received double honours recently at the BC Natural Resource Forum & Economic Summit’s Northern BC Business and Technology Awards. Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative’s (COAC) inroads into reducing fuel use in the BC resource and transportation sectors garnered widespread praise for the co-op, formed just one year ago.

COAC’s two awards – for Technology Provider of the Year and Technology and Industry Newsmaker of the Year – celebrate the Prince George-based organization’s initiative in providing cutting-edge technology and services to help owners of heavy equipment and trucks reduce their diesel fuel consumption, capture carbon offsets from the emissions reductions and lower their operating costs.

It’s a lofty goal. After all, every year heavy trucks and equipment consume billions of litres of diesel fuel, emitting millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases in the process. And the basic logistics are challenging, too. To carry out their program, COAC has to go to where the machines are – usually into the woods where they’re working.

Yet, the pilot project is right on track. COAC has been busy equipping three types of vehicles – freight trailers, bucket trucks and log loaders – with on-board computers. The computers record the vehicles’ operations and determine their fuel use, which is compared to pre-calculated baseline data. Operators then receive all the information they need to lower their fuel consumption, an action that reduces harmful GHG emissions. The reduced emissions are eligible for offsets, which Pacific Carbon Trust has committed to buy.

“It really is a venture into uncharted territory,” says COAC’s CEO, George Stedeford. “But it’s proving successful, and we’re grateful to all the believers.”